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Sienna Investment Managers Adopt Docify

Jess Bauldry

Apr 17, 2023

Luxembourg Legtech Docify has secured asset management platform Sienna Investment Managers as a customer.

The customer, which manages over €30 billion in assets and supports businesses and individuals seeking a sustainable and inclusive economy, selected Docify to “be able to focus on high value-added tasks for our operational teams and consequently to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks,” the firm’s Legal Operation Officer Quentin Ramaget said.

“We are very pleased to assist Sienna’s legal team in the automation of any legal and administrative documents produced internally,” Docify co-founder Simon Joly said, adding: “It is a unique opportunity to help Sienna’s legal team scale up and keep up with the pace of an ever-growing legal practice.” 

Docify was launched in Luxembourg in 2021 to assist legal counsels, investment firms, administrators, banks and legal service firms by automating the production of standardised legal and administrative documents.

Sienna Investment Managers also adopted DiliTrust, an information and document streamlining service for governance.

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