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document automation
not only faster but more human.

We empower legal professionals, investment firms, corporate administrators, banks, and many other financial, legal, and corporate institutions to create accurate documents in a fraction of the time to expand employees' potential and improve their work-life balance.


A tool that becomes your ally

Instant concrete knowledge

We have created a tool that is as easy to use as word editing software.

Forget about requiring a specialist in automation or a specific IT- in-house team. 

High flexibility

In a fast-paced environment, we must ensure the tools we develop are versatile and respond to different needs.

We understand the complexity of global and local businesses, and we have developed a tool that easily adapts to it. 

23x  faster

Manual creation of repetitive documents usually comes with several rounds of revisions to get accurate information.

With docify, you can automate the creation of those documents and SAVE 95% OF TIME.

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Accurate documents in a fraction of time


To help you understand docify, and how it can benefit your company and your employees, we invite you to have a look at the following video.

Sergio Sousa, our CTO, responds to the most relevant questions people like you, are asking us.

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