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The Perfect Tool to Tackle your Governance


May 19, 2022

Corporate governance matters. A lot. Finding concrete solutions to tackle it is essential in order to avoid time waste and inefficiency in daily life and technology is your best ally in this matter.

You have heard the term corporate governance thrown around at conferences for at least the last 15 years. But can you remember when you were presented with a concrete solution easily applicable to tackle your governance? 

We, the Docify team, have lived and breathed corporate governance daily. We have a practical and intuitive sense of what corporate governance is (differentiating good and bad governance practices). Although corporate governance is all around us, it is quite hard to come up with a definition. At Docify, we embrace challenges, and we arrived to the following broad definition:

Corporate governance is a transparent system of rules, controls, policies, and processes used to direct, manage and validly take decisions within a company.


Working from this definition, clearly, corporate governance (‘governance’ from here on) touches every aspect of a company’s activities.

But what does this have to do with Docify?

Our experience was that governance was all well and good, but it took too long. Time was the biggest enemy and often time won. Most people want to do the right thing, but without technology it’s not even a possibility. If you only had to focus on content and 95% of the manual production of any type of document (agreements, minutes or reports) was automated, do you think governance would improve in your organisation?

Docify’s software solution is a highly flexible and cost-efficient tool that will support and improve your governance practices!

How does Docify improve governance?

Docify delivers two valuable advantages for the management of legal and administration documents central to governance:

Speed. You will be able to produce your minutes at least 20 times faster on Docify;

Accuracy. Docify delivers accuracy by ensuring that the correct legal or administrative framework is used for each individual task.

Board minutes made easy

Board minutes come in many shapes and sizes. And not only are we short of time, but it’s often left to people not involved in the investments to record updates and to assemble the jigsaw of companies and investments manually. This is not a recipe for good governance!

Imagine if the updates and all the pertinent facts for the meeting were controlled and delivered directly into the minutes: this is Docify! Reducing the production burden for board minutes is great news from an efficiency perspective. The time saved can be reinvested into the quality and depth of the contents – delivering a significant improvement in governance.

Regulatory focus is moving away from simply checking that relevant minutes exist, towards an approach involving close examination of the contents of the minutes. Docify is the perfect tool to cope with that adaptation to the new regulatory focus!

Governance matters

So, let’s close with a positive message. Governance matters. A lot. Docify’s software solution can be part of a journey to continuously improve governance performance.

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