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Common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a (legal) tech.

You've noticed that the world of work is undergoing a significant evolution and you are thinking: " I also want to adapt my way of working to gain efficiency, just like others do". However, you need to be careful not to choose just any tool...

Common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a (legal) tech.

The principle: making a real investment to achieve better results.

In the fast-paced world of technology, selecting the right tools for your business can be a game-changer, but it's not without its challenges. To help you make informed decisions, let's explore some common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a technology, with a particular focus on document automation, document production, and contract drafting.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid:

1. Intuitiveness Matters:

One of the most significant pitfalls is investing in a technology that isn't intuitive. Time is of the essence, and a non-intuitive product can lead to frustration and wasted effort. Imagine spending valuable hours deciphering complex interfaces when you could be streamlining your document automation process. Always prioritize tools that are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

2. Accessible Customer Service:

When technical issues arise, prompt and accessible customer service is crucial. If the support team is hard to reach, you might find yourself in a bind when you need assistance the most. When dealing with document production tools or contract drafting software, ensure that the customer support channels are reliable and responsive. It's better to be safe than sorry.

3. Consider the Geography:

Opting for a technology provider located in a distant country may lead to communication barriers due to language and cultural differences. Miscommunications can hinder the effective use of document automation tools. Choose a provider whose location aligns with your business needs, ensuring clear and efficient communication channels.

Key considerations when investing in a document automation technology:

1. Ease of Use:

Ensure that the technology solution you're considering is easy to use. Whether it's document automation, document production, or contract drafting, a user-friendly interface will enhance efficiency and reduce the learning curve for your team.

2. Available and Responsive Team:

An available and responsive team is vital for a smooth technology adoption process. Make sure the team behind the tool is accessible, ready to address your concerns, and capable of providing timely support when needed.

3. Real Support:

Invest in a technology solution that offers genuine support. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues or providing training resources, having a reliable support system can make a significant difference in your overall experience.

4. Quality and Security Standards:

Ensure that the technology meets quality and security standards, especially when dealing with sensitive tasks like contract drafting. Compliance with industry standards guarantees the reliability and security of your data, fostering trust in the technology you choose.


In conclusion, navigating the technology landscape requires careful consideration to avoid common pitfalls. When it comes to document automation, document production, and contract drafting, prioritize intuitive solutions with accessible customer service, and be mindful of geographical considerations.

By investing in technology that is easy to use, supported by a responsive team, and meets quality standards, you can propel your business forward with confidence.


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