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Why we exist


When we set out to solve the complicated, time-consuming, repetitive manual processes of producing documents, it became clear that no one tool could do all these things.

The way many funding and corporate documents being produced haven't changed in the last 30 years.  


The world seems to spin faster and demands a lot more from each of us. Still, the tools available in the legal, admin and compliance industry were not holistically addressed to solve the specific needs of a complex environment/ market.

We are thrilled to see and hear the stories of satisfied clients in Belgium, England, France, The Netherlands, and soon US and Canada. 

We are very proud to see our expansion as a global technology solution.


At docify, our mission is to enable a digital paradigm shift. We set out to support and empower the legal and financial sectors to embark on their growth journey with reliable, secure, and human-centred technology. A fast-paced world demands agile solutions and we are committed to providing them to our clients.


A fair, transparent, and honest world where everyone has access to intuitive and user-friendly technology, is the change we want to see now and in the future.


We believe in Finance and Legal enterprises managed by humans, for humans.


Our vision is to enable your operational excellence through the use of smart technology, so you can change the world by nurturing your employees and your community.

Our purpose

We are making technology (document automation) more human and easy to use, to enable corporations and individuals to reconsider what is essential to each of them. How to make the right use of their time, to improve the way they work.


But mostly, we want individuals to expand their potential. To build knowledge and expertise, with the gained back time. To re-take control of their careers and improve their work-life balance.

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